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Welcome on our map portal web pages

which is focused mainly on old maps. Our goal is to make maps from archives and map collections accessible via internet for both general public and experts.

The maps can be viewed in ordinary web browser either via a flash application called Zoomify or in a javascript-based application utilizing a Mapserver backend. ou can also find brief description of individual maps or map sets. This information is followed by a text containing more interesting information about the map´s origin, content and purpose.

The maps displayed here come mainly from a map collection of The Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. We cooperate with this institute on digitization and web publication of their map collection. In our digitizing centre we use a large format table scanner. The scanner is regularly tested and has certification for digitizing cartographic products. As a next step we process the raw scans and then we publish them continuously on our web pages.

The VUGTK digitizing centre also offers scanning of maps, books, atlases and other large format products on Trias Vidar scanner - an A0+ format table scanner, capable of scanning even products that can't be scanned on pass-through scanners. We also offer prints of our scanned maps. We use color printer HP DesignJet 800PS ( 2400x1200 dpi ) to print the maps.
Prices for these services can be found in our pricelist.

This web is not up to date. More old maps (around 35.000), 3D globe models, map atlases, web applications nad tools for using digitized old maps can be found on a web of new project Virtual Map Collection.

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